The Hunting Dogs

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by Jørn Lier Horst

The most difficult murder to solve, Chief Inspector William Wisting tells his daughter, Line, a crime reporter, “is when a murder is committed to hide another crime.”

William and Line are both investigating crimes in this book.

William’s investigation is the 17-year-old murder and kidnapping of a teenage girl. Rudolf Haglund was tried and convicted of that crime, but now claims he can prove that evidence presented in his trial was fabricated.

Line’s crime is the murder of a middle-aged man out walking his dog one evening.

When William’s boss, Deputy Chief Constable Audun Vetti, announces William’s suspension while Haglund’s claims are being investigated, William realizes the investigation is focused on his handling of the case — not who planted the false evidence.

Hoping to help her father, Line reads the records of the old case and discovers a startling intersection between the kidnapping her father investigated and the murder she is reporting on.

Horst has created well-drawn characters in William and Line. The father and daughter make a natural bridge between the two cases. The Norwegian coastline and the dripping weather provide a moody backdrop to a story of long-held secrets, perversion, ambition and hypocrisy. There are plenty of twists in both cases, which makes for great suspense and a satisfying ending.

The Hunting Dogs won the 2013 Riverton Prize, given annually for the best Norwegian crime stories; the 2013 Glass Key Award, given annually to the best crime novel by a Nordic author; and the 2014 Martin Beck Award, given by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy for the best crime novel in translation.
This is the eighth book in the William Wisting series, although not all have been translated into English.  The entire series, in order, is:
    • KEY WITNESS, 2004
    • WHEN THE SEA CALMS, 2006
    • THE ONLY ONE, 2007
    • NOCTURNAL MAN, 2009
    • DREGS, 2010; translated into English in 2011
    • CLOSED FOR WINTER, 2011; translated into English in 2013
    • THE HUNTING DOGS, 2012, translated into English 2014
    • THE CAVEMAN, 2013; translated into English in 2015
    • ORDEAL, 2015; translated into English in 2016
    • WHEN IT GROWS DARK, a prequel to the series, published in 2016; translated into English in 2016
    • THE KATHARINA CODE, 2017; translated into English in 2018
    • THE CABIN, 2018; translated into English in 2019.

About the Author: Jørn Lier Horst (1970 – )

Norwegian author Jørn Lier Horst is a senior investigating officer at the Vestfold Police District. His first book was Key Witness, published in 2004, and based on an actual murder.

In addition to his Wisting series, he has written children’s books, including a series called Clue.
Born Jørn Lier Olsen, he took on his wife’s (Beate Horst’s) surname when they married in 1995.  They live in Stavern with their two children.


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