Bloody January

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by Alan Parks

Bloody-January-Alan-ParksDetective Harry McCoy, 30, of the Glasgow Police Force has the misfortune to be chosen by an inmate of the notorious Barlinnie Prison to be told a secret: a girl named Lorna will be murdered the following day if he doesn’t stop it.

And the prediction comes to pass: As the police wait at the bus station for a waitress named Lorna Skirving to pass through on her way to work, a young man named Tom Malone shoots her and then turns the gun on himself. Body count: two.

Before McCoy can get back to the convict, Howie Nairn, to find out how he knew the shooting would happen, Nairn is killed in the shower at Barlinnie. Body count: three.

By the end of the first week of January 1973, six people will be dead.

For McCoy, all clues lead to Lord Dunlop, a prince of society, wealthy businessman, a mover and shaker. Malone worked for him. McCoy has his own issues with Dunlop: his beautiful ex-wife Angela hangs out in Dunlop’s circles. Rumors abound that Dunlop and his son are fond of drug-fueled sex parties that can be injurious to a girl’s well-being.

McCoy is a classic noir detective: alcoholic; blunt as a battering ram; saved from a career as a criminal by a foster father who steered him to the police. Even so, he has a childhood friend who has grown into sadistic, sociopathic crime boss.  McCoy is a little bent but not quite crooked. He’s cruising the road to self-destruction at a fast pace.

Just as classic is the plot of BLOODY JANUARY. McCoy is too head-on to get the evidence to convict Dunlop. His superiors in the police force are too political to allow him to become a threat to such a well-positioned and powerful man.When an organization refuses its sworn duty and protects the powerful instead of the helpless, corruption festers.

Like a gladiator, McCoy finds a way to bring justice without the support of his colleagues in blue.

The sequels to BLOODY JANUARY are:


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About the Author: Alan Parks

Author Alan Parks attended the University of Glasgow, where he earned a master’s degree in moral philosophy.

He has spent most of his professional life in the music industry. From cover artwork to videos to photo sessions, he created campaigns for a wide range of artists including All Saints, New Order, The Streets, Gnarls Barkley and CeeLo Green. He was also Managing Director of 679 Recordings.


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